What I’ve Been Reading Lately

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by: Kim Fu

At a sleepaway camp in the PNW a group of young girls take an overnight kayak trip that goes wrong. As the reader follows the storyline of the past, the reader also gets to follow along in the girls current successes and failures. The writing is incredibly descriptive which is both compelling and burdensome. The sum of the book, though, left me feeling just meh about the storylines.

Tangerine by: Christine Mangan

A tale of two old friends who “end up” in Morocco and circumstances change rapidly as one friend feels controlled by the other. This unexpectedly suspenseful drama had me constantly debating which friend I was siding with as the details unfolded. The author does an excellent job of twisting and turning the plot until the very end. I really enjoyed these well-written characters.

At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe by: Tsh Oxenreider

Follow along with the chronicles of the author’s family as they adventure around the world. Tsh and her husband take their 3 children on a 9 month long trip around the world and begin to grapple with the concept of home and where to find it in this world. This is a great inspirational read about real world travel and a real family that genuinely wants to adventure while preserving what home really means to them.

Something in the Water by: Catherine Steadman

Erin and Mark are on the honeymoon of dreams in Bora Bora and while scuba diving they find something in the water that will change the course of their lives forever and sets up a chain of events that spiral out of control. This is a gripping story of how we tell ourselves lies and follow them blindly. This was a better than average mystery/thriller in my opinion.

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