Quarantine Photo Scavenger Hunt

Where I’m at right now as a Mom, April 2020

If you are anything like me you’ve been wildly vacillating between cruise ship director mom and figure out your own boredom mom. I can even be both those moms in the same day! Navigating these strange times with kids at home has been both exhausting and revealing. We have one tween and two teens all at different levels of schooling and socializing so keeping them occupied, entertained, and on track is not easy. Typically I don’t put this kind of pressure on myself-after all, raising children has little to do with making sure they are entertained at all times. But, we find ourselves living in a time of a global pandemic which is way outside the bounds of normal. Thus I find myself vacillating.

What to do When Your Kids Can’t GO on Spring Break

Last week the kids had spring break, which meant no e-learning, no assignments, and still nowhere to go. John was supposed to be with our oldest looking at colleges and making a whole trip out of it. Our daughter was supposed to be at the beach with friends. Disappointments were swirling and yet we were to be home looking at the same walls and binging on more Netflix. I took some liberties and I planned a little activity for the kids.

Some of you may not agree with how I handled this, but I’m okay with putting myself out there. I thought long and hard about how to handle the situation and came up with the best solution to give my kids a great experience with little to no contact with others. After pre-arranging some things with neighbors and family I wrote up clues for a photo scavenger hunt around our city. I had a list of about 20 things/people they needed to document with a photo. Our oldest can drive and so I sent the three of them off for the day.

There was one clue they couldn’t figure out and I realized that it was a reference that was too old for them. HA! All in all, they had a great day riding around together figuring out all the clues and taking their silly photos. For certain one of the greatest silver linings of this quarantine time is all of the sibling bonding. My kids have always gotten along really well and I credit that to the emphasis we have put on our family trips. Those who travel together REALLY get to know each other well. When you share hotel rooms and life altering experiences you bond and that bonding carries over to the everyday life stuff. And here we are. We are in the everyday life stuff. All. The. Time. Every. Day. All. Day. Long. We are here for it and we’re embracing it as much as we can.


Until we can gather together again we will keep coming up with our social distancing plans for the kids every so often. Take a look at a few of our ideas for the photo scavenger hunt and feel free to adapt it to your kids and your circumstances. You could easily turn this into a neighborhood hunt if needed.


  • A boat
  • A city bus
  • An entire family in front of their home
  • All 3 kids on a golf course
  • A business that is closed
  • A fire Hydrant
  • An uplifting yard sign
  • A flowering tree/bush
  • Ordering in a drive thru
  • A set of identical twins (their grandma lives with hers!)
  • Grandparents in their yard
  • A barn
  • A body of water
  • A restaurant that they can’t wait to eat at when it opens
  • A float in a pool
  • A baseball field
  • Their school sign
  • A dog that is not ours
  • A motorcycle
  • A flag


All clues were written for them to figure out what photo was needed, so these are just examples of what objects they had to photograph. You can easily come up with what works for your family and could even do this all on a walk. I think I’ll come up with another one when some of our restrictions are loosened up. These were all able to be done from the car or within the appropriate distance needed.



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