Life Between the Adventures

A Typical Day

Over here at Go Family Adventure we spend a lot of time highlighting the adventures we take and the adventures we want to take. During these COVID months our adventures have been fewer and shorter. So today we are focusing on the normal. A typical day in our family life consists of very normal, everyday tasks. The kids attend traditional schooling and John owns a business and serves on our municipal city council which keeps him quite busy during the week. We love our life in our community and we’re dedicated to the life we have in between the adventures. In fact, we appreciate our adventures even more!

Pursuit of Passions leads to Adventures

In the every day moments we encourage each other to pursue passions and interests. Sometimes those interests are short lived and sometimes they turn into full-blown passions. Either way, we celebrate and incorporate them into life. We have even been known to plan an entire adventure around a pursuit-call us crazy! Here’s the thing. When you incorporate pursuits into your daily life those daily tasks become filled with purpose. Working hard means you get to play hard and we get to do it together!


Yes we expect our kids to take on responsibilities! From an early age we delegate chores and special projects to keep our household running smoothly and moving forward. Here’s how that translates: we give our kids responsibilities while we are adventuring to keep the focus off the negative AND because the kids are used to contributing to the family they work better together while adventuring as a team. Of course this isn’t perfect and we are all human and fail on the regular. But y’all, this stuff works. Put into practice at home what you want to be a reality out in the world.

Making Home THE Place to Be

Life between the adventures doesn’t have be drudgery. Academics and activities take up a lot of time for the kids and John works hard during the week. The down time should be done in a place that is comfortable and welcoming. We are outside people so you’ll find us on our front porch eating, playing, napping or reading just about every day. As the kids have gotten older it’s been harder and harder to keep them home, but we’re working on it. I guess we’ve done too good a job of encouraging them to pursue their own interests!

Dreaming BIG in Between the Adventures

In the midst of the responsibilities we work on our big dreams. Our conversations might sound slightly different than other families. Dinnertime shenanigans include the highs and lows of the day or week, but we also love to talk about the places we are dreaming to explore. A sailing vacation was a big dream for John. We were skeptical we could pull it off with the various other commitments and money constraints. We put in the research and found a way to cut down on our flights costs and hooked up with Sunsail to charter a catamaran for 9 days! Before we knew it we had chartered a catamaran and we were in line to get the kids passports.

Taking Chances & Trying New Things

Some people consider us risk takers. In all honesty, for us, it feels riskier to go with the crowd. We don’t do our adventures to be risky. We do our adventures to enrich our family and build each other up. For some crazy reason we enjoy the challenge of solving problems and figuring something out for the first time. Travel adventures lets us do that together as a family. You know what’s crazy? All those adventures we take together helps the kids courage and bravery here at home too.

When COVID hit and life changed quickly the kids had to adapt. School and activities were radically diminished and altered in the spring and summer. Word got out that school would be face to face for the kids starting in mid-August, but many of the things they were involved in disappeared or changed so much that they were uninteresting. Holland made a massive change and left her ballet training in order to pursue a new sport: swimming. That’s a big deal for a 14 year old girl who had been dancing for 11 years! The truth is that we build each other up in our travels and experience new things together so that life between the adventures is just as exciting.

Keep the Wanderlust Alive

Life between the adventures can feel boring, but we strongly encourage our kids to dream big. We also show them ways to translate those dreams into goals. It is so rewarding to dream alongside them and watch them realize those dreams through achieving their goals. We are in a strange time right now, but we are genuinely learning so much about ourselves and the world around us. Now is the perfect time for us to work on goal setting. Sooner than later we will get around to adventuring and achieving those goals.

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