Have you Made a Travel Wish List for 2021?

This past year has been a year of travel dreaming and wishing. There has been the heartache of watching so much loss in this world and there has been the hope of so many possibilities on the horizon. So in typical Go Family Adventure fashion we spent most of our 2020 solitary moments sitting on our front porch dreaming big about the places we would go if we could. Alas a travel wish list for 2021.

Is it strange to try to come up with an ideal idea? It gives us something to shoot for and realizing the dreams is very rewarding. Without further ado, here is our ideal list of where to travel in which months of the year and why. We know you have your own ideas so drop us a message and let us know what your ideal list would be! We even have a template up in our Instagram stories/highlights for you to play along.

January: Big Sky, Montana

winter wish list

Embrace the winter weather and head out to big sky country where you can tear it up on the slopes, cozy up next to a fire, or head down to Yellowstone for an epic snowmobile adventure.

February: Costa Rica

the ultimate family wish list destination of Costa Rica

Time for surf lessons and jungle adventures. Just when you think you’re back to the grind and routine of work and school, take off for beautiful Costa Rica to soak up the sunshine and friendly faces. This is the best family destination we have ever visited!

March: Chile/Patagonia

Visit the epic Patagonia region of chile

The temperatures don’t vary too drastically in the Patagonia region, but March is one of the months with the least rainfall so you can do all the hiking and fishing you want to do. The views and solitude aren’t too bad either. Book an all-in tour for the best, most personal experience.

April: BVI Sailing

the dreamiest wish list travel experience, sailing in the BVI

April is one of the best months to sail the BVI because of the consistent winds and warm temperatures. Many families have a spring break that works well with a week long sailing trip this time of year as well. Anchors away, friends!

May: Utah-Arizona Road Trip

amp up your travel wish list with a road trip

Before those temperatures heat up and before the crowds descend, cue the tunes and hit the road for some breathtaking views and National Park memories. You will have enough sunrise and sunset experiences to last the whole year!

June: Big Sur and Carmel, CA

an outdoor coastal adventure wish list spot in Big Sur

We know June gloom can be a thing in California, but who wouldn’t want to take those coastal hikes during early summer? The drives, outdoor escapes and fabulous foodie options of the Carmel area are an easy draw for the start of summer.

July: Banff & Glacier National Park

the Canadian Rockies give all the travel wish list feels

While there may still be snow on the mountain peaks, the lakes and hiking trails will be at their prime in the Canadian Rockies. With vistas and plenty of wide open spaces to fill your lungs with fresh air, July couldn’t be enjoyed better anywhere else.

August: Italy

The coast of Italy at summer peak as part of our travel wish list

Yes Italy will be hot in August. Yes there will be crowds. But somebody has to go in August. We argue that some places are best experienced at the peak time because you get the cultural experience as well. And if you are looking for cooler temps head north to the Dolomites for some epic mountain life. Book early and plan your days for early mornings and late evenings-it’s the European way.

September: Switzerland

The perfect September travel wish list destination is Switzerland!

Kids are back in school, European holiday tourists are back at home and you can have the whole country of pristine lakes and adorable mountain towns to yourselves. Still warm enough to hike up high, but cool enough to wear a jacket. Sounds perfect to us.

October: Lake Tahoe, CA/NV

Autumn in Lake Tahoe

Just in time for that crispy air to ride around in the boat and take in the blue sky and blue water. This low season escape dotted with autumn colors will fill you up as you rest in solitude while the resorts prepare for ski season.

November: Holbox Island, Mexico

Holbox Island paradise

When hurricane season comes to a close and you need a relaxing spot to get yourself together before the holiday season creeps in, take some time to put your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand on this car-less island in paradise.

December: London

London is a great destination for your travel wish list at the holidays

Can you say afternoon tea WITH holiday decorations? And all of those amazing markets to visit, bundled up and eating treats together as a family. Museums and shows would make London the perfect way to bring in the holiday cheer!

Make Your Own Travel Wish List

Your wish list doesn’t need to look like ours. Travel is a very personal experience and we all have our ideal ideas, right? Having a wish list may seem like a childish endeavor, but if you want to upgrade the thought process, make it a travel goals list. If there is something we have learned from our time at home in 2020, it’s that we need things to keep us moving forward. Have a little fun this December and sit down with your family and come up with a wish list together!

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