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You know it’s January when all the talk is about goal setting. Some people call them New Year’s resolutions, but in my world goals work better. I also like to come up with a theme for the year ahead. Last year my theme was “focus” and boy was it a difficult, but worthy theme during a pandemic. Goals are a necessary part of business life, but many are realizing they have a place in personal life as well. Everyone seems to have their own process in setting goals; how they are documented and kept visible, how they brainstorm to narrow down and specify their goals, when they space them out, how often they re-evaluate, etc. It can take years to come up with a goals process that you stick to. Don’t let that hinder you from activating your goals, though. Just go forward.

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So, what’s next? Do you just set your goals and hope they are achieved? How do you move in to the next part of the process? You have got to find a way to activate your goals. Put those goals in motion. Over here at Go Family Adventure we choose to live life with intention and we try to incorporate goals in to our whole family culture. The first step is all you need to take, but you have to take it. Think of it like a marathon. You can stand all day at the starting line, but if you don’t cross that line you never DID a marathon. Wouldn’t your rather try something and fall short than never try at all? It’s one thing to set your goals, but it’s another thing to move toward accomplishing them. I’m going to suggest three ways to activate your goals this year.

Activate Your Goals: Step 1- Write Them Down

Remember how your high school teachers gave you study tips and told you to re-write your notes a few times for them to sink in? Well, friends, it’s time to re-write your goals. Keeping goals in your head is a great way to self-protect, but if you want to put them in to action you need to write them down. And then write them down again and again. I have found that naming goals for the year is powerful, but breaking down those goals into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks is empowering. The visual written goal is a starting point. Activate those goals by continuing to write them down in task format in a planner or notebook that works for you until you have reached the goal.

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Activate Your Goals: Step 2- Read All About It

Now I know this may seem like an extra step, but hear me out. If you really want to put your goals in to action I suggest doing the needed research and learning to make them happen. This can happen in a variety of forms. Articles, books, blogs, and audiobooks are incredible resources for leaning all about what you are working to achieve. Taking your goal seriously and moving it from an idea into action includes research. You will need to put work in to activating your goals. They will not happen just sitting in the written form. A word of caution at this step-do not get caught by analysis paralysis. There is a necessary next step to this process.

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Step 3- Take the Leap of Faith

It’s time. You wrote down the goal. You learned all about how to successfully tackle the goal. Now you need to take the leap and achieve the goal. Although it could take weeks, months, or the entire year to achieve you are on the right path. The key at this point to activating your goals is to continue to pursue them. A final suggestion is to bring in a level of accountability at this point. Your spouse, business partner, best friend or business coach needs to know what you working toward. It helps to know in the back of your mind that someone else is aware of your pursuits, cares about your pursuits and is cheering you on as you activate your goals.

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