About Us

Jen (Mama): Hi! I’m Jen and the main contributor to Go Family Adventure. I love to travel and I love to inspire others to take their families on adventure both near and far. 9 years ago I began to count the time we had left with all 5 of us under the same roof and I freaked. There were so many things we wanted to do and so many places we wanted to see! So, we are doing it, one adventure at a time. A little history…I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and transplanted to South Carolina after getting married. In college I took the opportunity to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and traveled (errrr studied) all over South America. After getting married, John and I began checking off bucket list places when we could save up enough money and get time off work. When children came along we waited TOO LONG to take them with us. Looking back I don’t know what we were so afraid of! The world is a big, beautiful place and I intend to experience as much as I can with John and the children one adventure at a time.

John & Jen BVI sailing and snorkeling
Even mom and dad have fun on our adventures!

John (Dad): John was born and raised in North Carolina where his family vacationed at the same beach in the same beach house every summer. He has rich memories of those weeks and while that satisfied him as a child, he took the opportunity one summer in college to travel out west for a summer job in Yellowstone National Park. Not so coincidentally, this is where he met Jen. Although John is not a big fan of surprises, he does love adventure and fun. He is incredibly invested as a dad to show his children what it takes to live in this world as independent, productive, loving people. He owns a business that allows him to travel as he sees fit, but can also hold down the fort if Jen leaves town. One of John’s greatest attributes is his ability to solve problems-an awesome gift to have while traveling!

Rowan (17): Ro is our introverted adventure seeker, tutorial loving, photography amateur, baseball playing 11th grader. His list of travel must do’s is a bit unique (Japanese baseball game while eating sushi anyone?), but we think it’s great he enjoys being his own person. You will often find Ro hanging out with friends riding a “one-wheel”, playing baseball, studying for a history test, sailing on the lake, or writing a position paper for Model UN. You will not, however, find him bragging about the places he’s been or the places he’ll go. He’s just not that guy. It’s this guy who got me getting all sappy about the years we have left with us being under one roof-just a few more, but something tells me he’ll be coming back for more and that is our genuine hope.

Rowan Yellowstone National Park
Rowan on a hike in Yellowstone National Park

Holland (15): Holland is our always on the move kid, amazing make-up artist, seeker of justice 9th grader. She loves tropical destinations and being “right” about everything. The past 2 summers she has spent many weeks living away from home doing intense ballet training and it has taught her so much about independence and all that she is capable of as an individual. COVID has changed her life quite a bit as she’s taking a break from ballet and joined the swim team at school. She has a wonderful sense of humor and though may not admit it, she loves a stage-with only her on it. Her energy is contagious and her focus is admirable, making her a great travel partner.

Shep (12): Shep is our exclamation point! He loves all things fun and exciting. He is an absolute social butterfly and basically the mayor at his school. Shep enjoys playing football, basketball, and tennis and keeps very busy. You will often find Shep riding his bike and playing outside games with neighborhood friends or staying after school as a peer mentor. He would miss any of it, though, to go on a trip. It wasn’t always this way and it took him several years to get pried away from home to venture off to something new and unknown. Now he looks forward to taking part in the planning and execution of an adventure. He’s always the first to jump off a cliff/waterfall and the last one to come in out of any body of water!

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