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Jen Barnes

Hey y’all! I am trip planning fanatic that loves to help and guide other busy moms. I have experience planning adventures for families with teens and tweens that love to explore outside and/or enjoy city life. I am a travel advisor with Fora Travel Advisors, a company based out of NYC. My planning packages range from basic to comprehensive. I cover the bulk of the research based on your families needs and desires. Fora allows me to book your hotel rooms, villas, yacht charters, tours, and transfers.

What Exactly Do I Do For You?

The first thing you can expect as a client is to receive and complete an input form that gives details about who your family is, what your family enjoys, where you want to adventure, and what your budget is. These facts allow me to begin research. For a comprehensive and customized family trip my planning fees are collected up front. I charge $40 per day of your itinerary. From there I will help you and your family narrow down your activities and tours to plan the best trip possible. I provide all booking services with the exception of flights. By booking through me you will pay the same prices as online booking and will likely get perks and upgrades at no extra cost to you. If you prefer a basic approach, I can book lodging only at no cost to you. My compensation would come directly from the hotel or rental in that case.

My Why

The short answer is that I love to see other families connecting with their kids through travel and adventure. I have firsthand experience as to how travel adventures have breathed life into our family in the midst of busy and often competing schedules. Nothing makes me happier than to help another family create memories through travel. I believe deeply that you can connect with your teen/tween best away from the daily grind.

Why do I work through a Travel Advisor Company?

Travel has changed. I’ve realized the incredible power of having contacts in the places I send people. I am working hard to develop relationships with hotels, concierges, transfer companies and tour operators to give you the best experience as you create lifetime memories. Fora allows me to book with nearly any hotel across the globe. I will never push a specific hotel or group of hotels. I receive commissions from the hotel and it does not impact the price you pay for a hotel room.

You will see in my blog feed articles that represent and review products, services, and destinations that I have personally experienced. Most of those are paid, and I do hope to inspire you through those posts. You will always know if a trip of my own is sponsored.

Special Focus

If you track a little around this site you will notice that one of my loves is one-on-one trips with kids and special occasion adventures with kids. Multi-family adventures is also another focus that I have experience with. I’m dabbling in small group adventures and hope to have more on that soon!

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