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Jen Barnes

Hey y’all! I am trip planning fanatic that loves to help and guide other busy moms. I have experience planning adventures for families with teens and tweens that love to explore outside and/or enjoy city life. My planning packages range from basic to comprehensive. I cover the bulk of the research based on your families needs and desires.

What Exactly Do I Do For You?

The first thing you can expect as a client is to receive and complete an input form that gives details about who your family is, what your family enjoys, where you want to adventure, and what your budget is. These facts allow me to begin your research for you and provide ideas, examples, and specifics for your family. I can provide sample itineraries or very specific itineraries depending on your desired level of participation. However, I do not provide booking services. You will need to make the move on your own with the information I provide for you.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

The short answer is that I love to see other families connecting with their kids through travel and adventure. I have firsthand experience as to how travel adventures have breathed life into our family in the midst of busy and often competing schedules. Nothing makes me happier than to help another family create memories through travel. I believe deeply that you can connect with your teen/tween best away from the daily grind…and it doesn’t have to be uber expensive.

How Is This Different than a Travel Agency?

As I mentioned earlier, I do not provide booking services. That means I have no allegiances or contracts with specific hotels, tours, or travel companies. I do not receive any kickbacks for what you choose to do based on my recommendations. My personal connections allow me to give a breadth of suggestions based on firsthand experiences with a variety of accommodations, destinations, and tours. When our family first made travel a priority I found travel agencies to be overly steered in certain directions, and although I wasn’t paying for an agent’s services, I knew I was “paying” for something. Much of what I encountered at the travel agent was luxury or package type adventures. That just didn’t work for us financially or stylistically. My hope is to help you plan a travel adventure that fits YOUR family and not every other family that I plan with.

You will see in my blog feed articles that represent and review products, services, and destinations that I have personally experienced. Most of those are paid, and I do hope to inspire you through those posts. You will always know if they are sponsored. But, I do not receive compensation if you book. My aim and desire are to find what you will treasure together as a family.

Special Focus

If you track a little around this site you will notice that one of my loves is one-on-one trips with kids and special occasion adventures with kids. Multi-family adventures is also another focus that I have experience with. I’m dabbling in small group adventures and graduation trips that incorporate an aspect of service as well. If you have a vision, let’s dream together!

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