National Parks Great for Summer Travel

If your family loves to explore the outdoors, then you will love this guide to National Parks for summer travel. The U.S. boasts 63 protected areas known as National Parks and over 400 sites in the U.S. that are regulated and protected by the National Park system. We see the photos of the popular onesContinue reading “National Parks Great for Summer Travel”

National Parks Road Trip in the Southwest

4 Day Road Trip Itinerary Through 4 National Parks: Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Saguaro Make this National Parks Road Trip A Success Find Your National Parks Road Trip People Visiting 4 National Parks in 4 days is no easy thing so you will want to find the best people to road trip with.Continue reading “National Parks Road Trip in the Southwest”

Recreate Responsibly As You Travel

Are you familiar with the phrase “recreate responsibly”? I will admit that even after years of camping and backpacking I had not heard this specific term until recently. I was always taught to leave no trace, but this new phrase is gaining momentum in the most positive way. And we’re here for it. Let’s takeContinue reading “Recreate Responsibly As You Travel”

Outdoor Winter Activities for Teens

As the cold months with short daylight hours approach we all need to stock up on creative outdoor winter activities for our teens to bust the boredom and keep them moving. It’s only natural for our teens to want to hunker down inside with screens to pass the time in the dreary months of winter,Continue reading “Outdoor Winter Activities for Teens”

Three Chocolate Recipes to Impress

February brings the deep desire for chocolate…oh okay and maybe love. Ha! As kids came on the scene we have spent less time and money on gifts for each other as a couple and more on showering love through the whole house. We do little gifty things, but we also like to create a funContinue reading “Three Chocolate Recipes to Impress”

Romantic Getaways in February

Couples are giving up the notion of flowers and chocolate in order to gain experiences through romantic getaways. Recent polls suggest that couples are spending less money on gifts for each other and more on investing in time together. In a world where life never stops, consider your next romantic getaway as a way toContinue reading “Romantic Getaways in February”

3 Day Itinerary San Juan, Puerto Rico

What a delightful Caribbean experience you can have in just 3 days on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. If you only have a long weekend this is the perfect spot for a quick trip. Grab a book, sunscreen and some good comfortable shoes and you will be set for a fabulous 3 day itineraryContinue reading “3 Day Itinerary San Juan, Puerto Rico”

The Magic of Winter Comfort Food

Don’t you love that warm, cozy feeling of sitting down to a comfort meal with your family and friends during the chilly winter months? It is so comforting to make, serve, and eat food that brings people together. With shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures, it’s no wonder we spend more time preparing and consumingContinue reading “The Magic of Winter Comfort Food”


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