What I’ve Been Reading

I’m a reader. I’ve been an avid reader from an early age and have continued to be (with the exception of the early baby raising days). Although this is a website based around adventures and not books, I’ve always found that books provide a temporary escape. Giving myself the opportunity to get lost in aContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

Adventures Near

Do you have childhood memories of specific days or events with your family? I do! There is one specific memory from middle school when my parents took my sister and I to downtown Chicago for an overnight stay. We grew up about 25 miles from the city in the suburbs and had been downtown aContinue reading “Adventures Near”

Montreal: The City of Saints

After a busy summer of family adventure, John and I were looking for a quick getaway just the two of us. We like to cross locations off our lists, so we opted for an escape from the southern heat of late August and flew up to Montreal, Quebec. We didn’t know much about the cityContinue reading “Montreal: The City of Saints”

Denver/Rocky Mountain National Park: Mile High; Highway to the Sky

Go Family Adventure Goes West Denver Our first stop on our big west adventure was Denver. We live at sea level here in South Carolina, so we walked downtown for several hours to acclimate to the elevation. Denver is perfect for roaming freely, taking pictures, and shopping. We loved the local bookstore downtown. John isContinue reading “Denver/Rocky Mountain National Park: Mile High; Highway to the Sky”

Cheyenne & Laramie, WY: Magic City of the Plains; Gem City of the Plains

Road Trip Across Wyoming As a part of our big western tour we thought it would be fun to drive across the state of Wyoming since it’s unlike anything we live near. We spent little time in Cheyenne, but did enjoy the old west museum there and learned all about Frontier Days. From there weContinue reading “Cheyenne & Laramie, WY: Magic City of the Plains; Gem City of the Plains”

Grand Tetons: (Inappropriate nickname warning!) The Three Breasts

It’s easy to combine Grand Teton National Park with Yellowstone, but they both have their own vibe and can be done together or separately with plenty of satisfaction. The vistas alone are awe inspiring, but you can enjoy many days trekking through the park or playing in the lakes. Driving into Jackson, WY is likeContinue reading “Grand Tetons: (Inappropriate nickname warning!) The Three Breasts”

Adventure in America’s First National Park

A Special Family Adventure This was a really special adventure in America’s first national park for our family as it marked the 20th anniversary of John and I meeting…in Yellowstone. That’s right, John and I met in the summer of 1998 where we worked as housekeepers at the Old Faithful Inn inside Yellowstone National Park.Continue reading “Adventure in America’s First National Park”


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