Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Teens

photo of tent in forest

Finding unique gifts for teens can seem impossible. I know this to be true because I have three teenagers of my own! This guide will give you ideas on the best gifts for the outdoorsy and adventurous teens in your life. The great news is that people who love the outdoors also love gadgets and adventure gear. You will be the gift giving hero with just the right thing, big or small gifts, for teens who love outdoor adventure.

photo of tent in forest

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Best Outdoor Gifts by Gender

Outdoor Gifts for Boys

It takes a little digging to find the cool gifts for outdoorsy guys, but it’s worth it. Below are a few ideas that will win you some points. Our guys love their Bench Made knives and they make a very special gift. Guys seem to always remember when they got their first knife and who gave it to them.

Survival Guide $11

BenchMade Pocket Knife $136

Rumpl Blanket $99

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

Believe it or not, girls love to be outdoors as much as boys and they want the skills and the gear to adventure outdoors just as much. Here are a few ideas on gifts for the outdoor girl in your life. Remember, just because they love the outdoors doesn’t mean they aren’t feminine.

Stories of life changing adventures by women $14

Chaco Water Sandals $90

Tesalate Surf Poncho $26

Best Gifts for the Outdoorsy Teens in Your Life (by activity)

Top Camping Gifts

It’s pretty cut and dry to find gifts for people who like camping because there are SO many items you need to make camping a great experience. Camping gear gifts make teens so happy because quality items can be pricey.

red camp stove

Coleman Camp Stove $83

blue sleeping bag for camping

Kelty Cosmic 20 degree sleeping bag $140

teal colored camping pillow

Wise Owl Camping Pillow $25


MPOWERED lantern & mobile charger $31

lime green camping tent

Marmot Crane Creek 2 person tent $216

green sleeping pad for camping

Sleepingo camping pad $40

Gifts for People Who Like to Hike

These gifts aren’t all specific to hiking, but all can be used for teens who like to get out on the trails. To be honest, the best hiking boots are ones that fit well. We are just offering our favorites, but it’s a very personal decision and an investment in your body as well. Hiking accessories gifts go a long way for not too much money.

black backpack for a day hike

Osprey Daylite Daypack $50

water filter for backcountry hiking

LifeStraw Water Filter $15

brown hiking boots for adult

Vasque Men’s Hiking Boots $209

brown and black women's hiking boot

La Sportiva Women’s Hiking Boots $189

travel size first aid kit

First Aid Kit $14

Maps for the next adventure $25

Cool Gifts for Teens Who Love the Water

Teenagers love to spend outdoors time on and in the water. No matter if it’s a river, lake, or ocean teens are always up for water activities. Check out the following items for great Christmas gifts for teens or the perfect teen birthday gift for those who love the water.

Waterproof Dry Bag $20

Snorkel Gear $43

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard $325

Wise Owl Microfiber Beach Towel $30


Partial Wetsuit $95


Life Jacket $95

Best Gifts for Teens Who Love to Mountain Bike

There are so many technical and necessary items that mountain bikers need to have with them in order to have a safe and fun ride. Most of the time mountain bikers are in remote areas and on trails without access to immediate help. Set your teens up for success and safety while they enjoy the great outdoors.

Rotor Truing Tool $12

Bike Repair Toolkit $35

Garmin 530 Cycling Computer $299

Top Gifts for Teens who Love Fishing

Just like other avid outdoorsmen, fishermen love their gear. As with any hobby, they need the basics and the fun stuff. Many of these items are an investment, but a one time purchase could last them a LONG time.

Yeti Tundra Cooler $400

Digital Hanging Scale $40

Waterproof Waders $50

Tacky Fly Box $30

7″ Fishing Pliers $24

Best Apparel Gifts for Outdoorsy Teens

Top Outerwear Gifts

Every adventurous teen needs the right outerwear for their outdoor fun. Depending on the type of environment you live in you may or may not want to invest in expensive gear, but here are a few ideas to get you started. When our teens are dressed appropriately we rarely get complaints about being too cold or too well. Go with the saying “there’s no bad weather, only bad gear”.

Women’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket $62

Women’s Marmot Rainjacket $100


Women’s Kuhl Fleece Pullover $99


Men’s Kuhl Fleece $129

Men’s The North Face Rainjacket $99

Men’s Columbia Puffer Jacket $107

Top Clothing Gifts

It’s safe to say that we’ve tried every kind of apparel and it can be tough to break away from the super popular brands that everyone recognizes. But after some trial and error these are some of the tried and trues. The best thing about quality apparel is that it lasts. The best thing about less expensive trendy apparel is that if your teens outgrow it quickly, there’s no harm done to your wallet.

KÜHL Renegade™ Pant in category Pants (secondary image)

Men’s Kuhl Renegade Tech Pants $89

Men’s Columbia PFG Sun Protection Shirt $25

Men’s ExOfficio Hiking Shirt $78

Women’s Hiking Joggers $28

Women’s O’Neill SunShirt $36

Active tank $16

The Best Under Layers and Base Layers

Comfort is a BIG deal when your teens spend time outside. It really matters how well they are protected from the elements so they can stay outdoors longer and enjoy their time. Excellent merino wool base layers will pull away sweat and allow their bodies to breathe and not get clammy. I’ve included links for some women’s and some men’s products, but Smartwool and Exofficio offer both. You can’t go wrong with those brands. I know they are pricey, but they are worth every penny!

Men’s ExOfficio Boxer Briefs $40

Smartwool Merino Wool Baselayer $100

Smartwool Merino Baselayer Shirt $85

Smartwool Liner Gloves $22

Girls XL Thermal Underlayers $27

Women’s Kari Traa Thermal Pants $100

Top Tech Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

It’s not too difficult to find the top trending gifts for teens because they are almost always tech gifts. Even the most outdoorsy teenagers will have their eyes on the tech that supports their favorite outdoor activities. Keep in mind that most active teenagers want to keep their gear as lightweight and as portable as possible.

Black Diamond Headlamp $50

Anker Power Bank $60

Garmin Mini Satellite Communicator $349

GoPro Hero9 $400

Garmin Outdoor Rugged Watch with GPS $196

Waterproof floating Speaker $36

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones $379

Nikon Prostaff Binoculars $156

Unusual Gifts for Teens

There are always a few random things active teens have their eyes on. We are always trying to find a balance between meeting their needs and finding something fun to gift them. These three items have found their way into our home for birthdays or Christmas morning so I figured my teens can’t be the only ones who want something that doesn’t quite fit into a specific category.

Ratchet Tie Down Straps $23

Wise Owl Hammock $30

Been There Done That CityLogue Scratch Off Poster $45

Small Gifts for Teens/Stocking Stuffers

These are some add ons that are both fun and necessary for teens who love the outdoors. We never have an adventure without these socks-they last forever! And our collection of Nalgenes is growing yearly. Have some fun with these smaller gifts!

Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle $12

Darn Tough Wool Hiking Socks $24

Portable Wash Bag $13

Rain Cover for Packs $8-$13

Trucker Hat $25

Unique Gifts for Teens

The truth is we are way more in to giving the gift of experiences more than things. So, we knew we had to include a few unique gifts for the outdoorsy teens. Consider an annual National Parks pass. Don’t purchase it too soon before birthday or Christmas because the year starts upon purchase, not upon first use. Another great idea is an annual membership at a local climbing gym or an outdoor recreation center like the National Whitewater Center in Charlotte (about $200 for the year). We also love the idea of gifting a class to hone skills like photography or an outdoor cooking class.

National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC

For a quick and easy option, give an always appreciated gift card. If you choose this route, please do some research on a local outdoors shop or outfitter. Many of them sell all kinds of gear AND offer classes, excursions, or rentals. Giving a teenager options to purchase what he/she wants is typically a win.

Our favorite local Outfitter in the Southeast

Gear Round Up

One further thing to keep in mind is storage. Outdoor gear can really take up a lot of space. Have your teens clear out old gear and try to re-sell it or pass it along to someone else just getting started. It can be a lot to swallow when your teen outgrows expensive gear quickly, so our best advice is to buy high quality gear that you can resell quickly and for a solid price and that means investing up front. We have had great success selling rain jackets, fleeces, and even hiking boots that have little wear and tear because of the quality.

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