Outdoor Winter Activities for Teens

As the cold months with short daylight hours approach we all need to stock up on creative outdoor winter activities for our teens to bust the boredom and keep them moving. It’s only natural for our teens to want to hunker down inside with screens to pass the time in the dreary months of winter,Continue reading “Outdoor Winter Activities for Teens”

How to Get Your Teens Outdoors

Teenagers Need to Get Outside Need is a strong word. Need = a lack of something deemed necessary; a lack that must be fulfilled. Need has become indistinguishable from want, but they are two very different things. You can want something that you need, but you don’t always want what is needed. A simple exampleContinue reading “How to Get Your Teens Outdoors”

Top Everyday Adventures for Teens

Every Day is an Adventure I know this can be lost on teenagers, but it’s the truth. And honestly, as parents we need to impress this idea on them that every day is an adventure. Kids are learning to be entertained from a young age, no matter where they go. In my opinion, it’s vitalContinue reading “Top Everyday Adventures for Teens”

Adventures for Teenagers

A Family Adventure with Teens No matter how far you venture from home, there are a few tactics to ensure you have successful family adventures with your teenagers. This list of 7 tips for success follows after a bunch of trial and error, a few missteps and several victories. As always, we hope this helpsContinue reading “Adventures for Teenagers”

Chicago 15 Year Old Adventure

Celebrating our Kids with their Very Own Adventures We love to celebrate the various milestones of our kids. They each look forward to choosing their own adventure with mom and dad at 10, 15, and 20. Sometimes we throw in others, too, if the opportunity presents itself. Family adventures are always going to happen, butContinue reading “Chicago 15 Year Old Adventure”

8 Tips to Planning a Multi-Family Adventure

Multi-family adventures can be an incredible way to experience a new place or perhaps enhance a re-visit destination. However, there are also some major differences in the way you plan and do this type of vacation. After all, compounding the number of people involved is sure to add a layer of logistics. I have comeContinue reading “8 Tips to Planning a Multi-Family Adventure”

Boston: America’s Walking City

There IS a first time for everything This trip, for our family, was the first time we did our own thing. For years we latched on to what grandparents wanted to do. It was the first time I found an incredible deal on airline tickets and couldnโ€™t pass it up. It was the first tripContinue reading “Boston: America’s Walking City”


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