Recreate Responsibly As You Travel

Are you familiar with the phrase “recreate responsibly”? I will admit that even after years of camping and backpacking I had not heard this specific term until recently. I was always taught to leave no trace, but this new phrase is gaining momentum in the most positive way. And we’re here for it. Let’s takeContinue reading “Recreate Responsibly As You Travel”

Top Family Travel Trends for 2021

The entire globe is wondering about what travel trends will look like in 2021. You aren’t alone in trying to get a grasp on what will be the same, what will be different, or what will never exist again. If you are questioning how you and your family can travel in 2021, read along toContinue reading “Top Family Travel Trends for 2021”

What to Pack on a Vacation for Teenagers

Easy Packing Tips for Travel with Teenagers There is an effective way to pack for teenagers to keep them comfortable, happy, and engaged in the adventures. Just like most things in life, keep it simple when packing for vacation with teenagers. There is nothing worse than listening to teenagers complain their luggage is too heavyContinue reading “What to Pack on a Vacation for Teenagers”

Adventuring with Your Teenagers

A Successful Family Adventure No matter how far you venture from home, there are a few tactics to ensure you have successful family adventures with your teenagers. This list of 7 tips for success follows after a bunch of trial and error, a few missteps and several victories. As always, we hope this helps yourContinue reading “Adventuring with Your Teenagers”

Whirlwind Adventure in France

Why France? To make a long story short, John lost his dad very unexpectedly in January of 2016 and had a deep need to travel to France. You know how that feeling comes over you when you realize that life is both short and completely out of our control? Well it hit John like aContinue reading “Whirlwind Adventure in France”

How to Make a Whirlwind Adventure Memorable

Get to know the Destination Before You Go In order to get the most out of your time you can get to know your destination before you land there. Look through maps, and read up a little on the history. This will give you a good overview of your destination and ensure you are prepared.Continue reading “How to Make a Whirlwind Adventure Memorable”


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