Favorite Accommodations

Our family doesn’t always use one type of accommodation and are not completely loyal to one chain. We spend a lot of time researching what will work with where and when we are going. Activity level is also something to take into consideration. Just to be totally transparent, we have also traveled with a single air mattress. We do a lot of National Parks travel and lodging inside the park is difficult to say the least. Traveling with teenagers will look different for each family, but the good news is that there are options and work-arounds. Having said that, we have a few accommodations that have really stood out to us as we have traveled with teenagers.

Baker’s Cay (part of the Curio collection with Hilton)

Located in Key Largo, FL offers both a shaded beach and a pretty large sunny beach for the keys. Water activities, delicious food choices, lawn games, indoor library and game area, gorgeous rooms, and a separate pool for kids & adults.

Old Faithful Inn-Yellowstone National Park, WY

You will need to book this 1 year in advance, but it’s iconic and completely worth the hassle of early booking. They offer every kind of room you can imagine. Your teens will be able to walk around on their own in safety and it’s just cool.

TheWit Chicago, IL

Major metropolis cities have an overwhelming amount of options, so location is typically the most important factor. This one gives you a mid-point with access to public transport for anything your teens want to do in the city.

Hyatt Regency, Seattle WA

Beautiful rooms, excellent location, good food option inside and nearby. The price point on this hotel makes it a great family option for those who need two rooms.