Five Ways to Make Your Front Porch Welcoming

front porch is open!

During this global pandemic quarantine season we are using our front porch more than ever before. Time outside the interior of the home is increasingly necessary as the walls can feel like they are closing in on us. For three straight months all five of us were at the house all day long, every day. The respite location was the front porch and we would alternate who sat out there to read, work, do homework. We eventually began to use the porch as a place to see friends. Social distancing was easy and we were outside with fresh air. This porch has been one of our biggest blessings during this strange and unusual time. Because it has given us so much joy, we want to share a few ways we prepared it to be welcoming to our invited guests and still comfortable for our family.

comfortable seating and table space make the front porch welcoming
  1. Comfortable Seated Furniture: There is nothing more welcoming than to offer your guests a variety of choices of comfortable seating. Extra throw pillows to add color and style while also providing comfort. Think of this as an extension of your interior where you can enjoy the views.
  2. Ample table space (we are still working on this ourselves): Outside of COVID-19 times, you will want to be able to offer snacks and drinks. Tables add comfort and convenience both while you are entertaining and enjoying on your own. We use our tables for games as well as holding books, computers, etc.
  3. Temperature Control: Although we cannot control the weather, we can keep comfortable while appreciating the outdoors. During the summer we run overhead fans and other fans to circulate the thick, stifling air. Morning coffee in the autumn and winter months are made possible with blankets.
  4. Lighting: If you want to gather after the sun has gone down, you will need a lighting plan. Most front porches are built with an outlet available for a lamp, but you can also use string lights to create a specific ambience.
  5. Plants/Flowers: You are outside, after all, so your best accessory should be plants and/or flowers to highlight the surroundings. Anything to add color and texture and warmth will make your front porch all the more welcoming.

The Invitation

So there you have it, five simple ways to make your front porch welcoming. A beautiful and welcoming front porch is only the beginning, though. Your front porch will only be welcoming if you make the invitation for others to enjoy it with you. Yes it’s important for your own family to get enjoyment there, but a truly welcoming front porch is all about intentionally reaching out to your friends and neighbors. We believe strongly in intentional family living and maximizing your front porch for family building and connecting your community can be so rewarding. Put a little purpose behind just being the envy of the neighborhood!

add color and texture with pillows and plants to make a welcoming front porch

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