Girlfriend Getaway Guide

Girlfriend getaways are so much fun!

The Sassy Guide

This post is a sassy guide for a girlfriend getaway, a break from the everyday life at home. This post is not a step by step planning guide. Our focus here at Go Family Adventure is mostly on family and family adventures so this one doesn’t fit the mold. BUT, with everything that has shaken up in our everyday world it seemed like a good time to do a small rogue post.

If you are clawing at the front door and need some time away from the same 4-5 faces/personalities (and I LOVE my family) it might be time to plan a little getaway. If you have cleaned your baseboards more in the past 6 months than the entirety of your life, it might be time to plan a getaway. If you shudder at the 1000th mention of a certain board game or children’s book it might be time to plan a little getaway.

It’s also worth mentioning that not everywhere in the world is allowing this type of thing. I recognize that and don’t want to encourage poor behavior or unruly activities that go against rules. Plan it anyway. The plans may change or be put on hold or be postponed, but at least you will have something to look forward to!

Enjoy the solitude of nature on your next girlfriend getaway

Where to Getaway

Does it matter? My only suggestion for this is to go somewhere that is easily reachable for the girlfriends, but not so easy that you can be enticed away. You want to be close enough to give you peace of mind that you CAN get home if your kid breaks his leg and needs surgery, but not too close that caretakers can woo you away with guilt. Choose a place that has a dishwasher-duh! Make sure you are near enough to restaurants for take-out. Pick a spot that allows for some outdoor activity, but also plenty of relaxation. The bottom line here is to come up with a destination that removes the most amount of stress and work. My most recent girlfriend getaway was to a quiet beach community in South Carolina.

When to Getaway

Does it matter? Just kidding. This part takes a little thought and planning. Depending on the size of your group and how many in the group work full time, etc. you will need to choose a time accordingly. Ladies, this doesn’t have to be a long trip. The last girlfriend getaway I did was only for two nights, but it was so refreshing and life giving. If mid-week makes it easier for caretakers, go then. If the weekend makes life easier for you, go then. Don’t get paralyzed by this part. There is no ideal time to getaway. You will have to make it happen.

No girlfriend getaway is complete with out cute bicycles!

Girlfriend Getaway Guide Packing List

  1. Food to share-easy breakfast & lunch stuff. Don’t forget the chocolate!
  2. Swimsuit-I always pack a swimsuit no matter where I go
  3. Clothing-comfy, 1 or 2 cute casual outfits, active wear for outdoor time
  4. Open ears for listening to each other
  5. Wine
  6. List of books, podcasts, articles, TedTalks you want to share
  7. Portable (and waterproof) blue tooth speaker
  8. Camera

Things NOT to pack

  • stress
  • burdens
  • guilt
  • work of any kind

Make the Girlfriend Getaway Happen

At some point the planning and implementing is going to get tough or seem impossible. The point is to go anyway. You will have to push through to make this happen, but you will not regret it. Communicate with your spouse and children that this time away is good for you and for them. Then run! Forget the dirty dishes in the sink and the half folded basket of laundry. It will still be there when you return, I’m sure. Don’t check your phone 1000 times, limit your interactions with home; and by all means, don’t let their burdens become yours. It’s only a few days!!! Go. Come up with your loose plan, grab your girlfriends and go. They may be the most life giving few days you’ve had in quite some time.

Free time on the girlfriend getaway

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