Let the Magical Moments Begin in Gulf County, FL

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The winter glums have set in and my family is on the hunt for a vacation with magical moments. We are desiring another getaway to step out of the normal grind and into a refreshing and recharging long weekend. Where can we go for sunshine, full days of water and wildlife that has all the elements for a family with teens to reconnect? We have found the perfect destination to experience ordinary magic. It’s in Gulf County, Florida. Let the magic begin!

This post is in partnership with Gulf County, Florida. Although I am compensated for my work with them, all opinions are my own.

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How Gulf County is Helping us Plan Magical Moments

Did you know that Pinterest and Google aren’t the only tools to help you plan your next getaway? Visit Gulf County has incorporated an incredible tool on their website to kickstart my next family trip, and they can do it for you too!

The online tool is designed to pair your family with a concierge who helps you plan the perfect itinerary for your time in Gulf County. This free service gives you the opportunity to play more and plan less.

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How to use to the planning tool

I love the simplicity of this online concierge program. All that was required of me was to head over to the Gulf County link to start my personal form. I entered my contact information and answered a few questions about my family dynamics and preferences. Then I clicked the submit button to await contact from my concierge and anticipate the magical moments she is planning for us!

What to expect from the concierge

After I submitted my form, I received a PDF directly to my inbox with an itinerary full of suggestions suited just for my family. My 5 minutes of work granted me a nearly complete vacation experience at my fingertips.

I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to have a local provide the up front research and suggestions. With the concierge tool from Gulf County, we are sure to have a well balanced family vacation with plenty to look forward to and plenty of down time in between. It’s simply magical.

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Getting to the Magical Moments in Gulf County

Gulf County is located in the panhandle of Northern Florida with over 200 miles of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico. Get to Gulf County by car 2 hours southwest of Tallahassee, FL or less than an hour east of Panama City, FL.

Both Panama City and Tallahassee international airports have services if you need them. We will travel by car from South Carolina for a long weekend getaway and road trip in pursuit of ordinary magic.

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Why Gulf County has Ordinary Magical Moments

For a family like ours that looks to get outside and enjoy the natural world around us, Gulf County is an obvious choice. This area of Northern Florida, along the gulf coast has a westward facing sunset view. It is surrounded with nature including white sand beaches, inland waterways, wildlife, and the calm gulf waves. This purposely underdeveloped area is a dream for families who are looking to adventure outdoors while stepping away from daily life.

From water activities like boating, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and diving to wandering the beautiful beaches to coastal cultural activities Gulf County has a multitude of family fun activities. You can spend your vacation days relaxing or adventuring, and you can do it together.

My teenagers like a mix. So, we typically look for a full day activity with a recovery day afterwards. Or, we look for a morning activity and free afternoon. Other times we take it easy in the morning and let our teens sleep in and find an after lunch adventure. We always prioritize down time and we love to sunset chase. Do you see why we are so excited to spend our family time pursuing ordinary magic in Gulf County?

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The Magical Moments in Our Concierge Vacation Plan

In the PDF was a recommended vacation rental home. Gulf County specializes in single-family vacation homes, which is perfect for families looking to connect more. I envision meals together, and late night games for our crew. Our teens still love to play board games. Now I just need to build in a nap so I’m ready when they want to start a game at 10:00 pm!

Also included were two restaurant recommendations. We enjoy getting a taste of the local flavors when we travel. This took all of the research time out of the equation for me as a mom. We look forward to indulging in some local seafood as well as some solid family food favorites like burgers and pizza, perfect after a day of exploring.

The itinerary comes with two wildcard activities, which would not have occurred to me in planning a vacation. One is an activity my teens would love anywhere, but we may not make the time for here at home. It’s genius to include something like this in a travel itinerary when families have dedicated time to spend with one another.

Last, but definitely not least, our concierge included two adventures. Our teens enjoy the slow beach time, but now that they are older they want to have more experiences. Adrianne did not let me down in this category. She suggested two outdoor adventures that encompass a variety of activities perfect for our family. I know she would do the same for you!

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Are You Looking for Magical Moments?

I know how busy you all are. You are constantly leveraging your free time for the biggest impact. This is true for me, as well. Isn’t it wonderful that a vacation destination understands that and can assist you in the planning? That way you can enjoy the magical moments with your family. The beautiful, serene, nature encompassed Gulf County, Florida has you covered. Head on over to the concierge input page to begin your next family adventure and start building up those memories!

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