Summer Concert in Louisville: Derby City

John surprised me with U2 concert tickets for my birthday…in Louisville, KY!!! We made it a very quick trip and only got to touch on the surface of the city. We stayed downtown in the historical Seelbach Hilton, which made it very easy to walk around and explore. The taxi from the airport was very quick and inexpensive. The concert was held at the outdoor football stadium of the University of Louisville and was an incredible venue for a summer concert.

summer concert in louisville U2
Joshua Tree Tour in Louisville

Uber Adventures

We have a very crazy Uber story from that trip. We found another random couple at our hotel that was looking for an Uber and shared it to the concert. The rates were outrageously expensive due to the captive audience. They were very sweet and we had nice conversation on the way to the stadium. As we exited, we wished them a grant time together and parted ways. The band played every imaginable song and it was late coming out of the concert. The surrounding stadium area was crazy and there was no way to get an Uber in the chaos and it was way too far to walk back to our hotel. So, we decided to walk about a mile and a half to a fast food spot or gas station to put in the Uber request. Guess who was at the same spot at the same time? The same couple we shared with earlier!!!! What are the chances? We had a good laugh and high fives as we shared another Uber and save more money on the way home. Things like that always make me so happy!

The next day before our flight we did the Evan Williams Bourbon experience and toured the Louisville slugger museum. John chose the bourbon tour, which I have very little interest in, but it was fun for him. Our boys play baseball and I have been a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan so it was a fun thing to do the museum.

I know what you’re thinking- no Kentucky Derby or Churchill Downs tour…we only had so much time and had to choose what we could walk to. We can never quite fit in everything we want to do! For a very short trip we tried to maximize our Louisville experience!

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