Montreal: The City of Saints

After a busy summer of family adventure, John and I were looking for a quick getaway just the two of us. We like to cross locations off our lists, so we opted for an escape from the southern heat of late August and flew up to Montreal, Quebec. We didn’t know much about the city and didn’t have much time to do research. It felt good to roam free and ask the locals for their favorites.

montreal adventure as a couple
Walking in the Old City of Montreal

We stayed in a boutique hotel, which had incredible interiors and an authentic and beautiful collection of art on display. Great location and great staff! We made our way down to the water and hopped on the ferris wheel to take in the sites from the sky.Walking and shopping our way through Vieux Montreal in the cooler weather was a treat for us. We visited the olympic park area from the games of 1976. It’s amazing to us how nice many cities keep the areas where the games took place. We spent several hours at the botanical gardens and the included insectarium. It was equal parts awe inspiring and breath holding (especially the outrageous insects that exist in this world).

Botanical Gardens in Montreal and Insectarium

Some of our best eats: Bonaparte for dinner, Faberge for brunch in Mile End and a walk around the Jewish neighborhoods to work off all those brunch calories! We did not hire a car while in Montreal, but instead used the buses and taxis along with a lot of walking.

love in montreal
Evening Stroll through old town Montreal

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