10 year old Adventure in Nashville: Music City

Our girl chose Nashville as her 10 year old adventure location. Her choice was highly motivated on the fact that Nashville has a lovely ballet company and our girl wanted to see a professional production. It was awesome watching Cinderella as a ballet! In the interest of staying on budget we opted to stay outside of downtown a Hampton Inn. We had our car, so it was no big deal to drive a few short miles into the city to do our activities for the weekend.

Honky Tonk & Cowboy Boots

Nashville 10 year old adventure buying cowboy boots
You can’t leave Nashville without boots!

Have y’all noticed that Nashville has become THE weekend getaway place? We can totally see why as it’s situated in the middle of the nation, has a growing young population, fantastic food, and tons of incredible country music history.  Unfortunately for us that meant hotel rooms in the downtown were out of our price range for this particular trip. Many of the activities in Nashville are targeted toward adults, to be honest, unless your kids are crazy about country music. If you want to show your kids the honky tonk district, we recommend doing it during the day as the nighttime activities are geared toward adults over the age of 21. We saw lots of bachelorette parties taking place and a whole lot of adult fun!

The Ryman Auditorium

Ryman Auditorium 10 year old adventure Nashville
Ryman tour!

Whether you love country music or not, do not miss the Ryman Auditorium tour or the Country Music Hall of Fame. They are iconic and give great insight to the world of all things country. If you get outside of downtown, visit the Opryland Hotel and take the gondola ride inside, which is fun for the kids and adults alike. There are many spots down in the honky tonk district to find cowboy boots, but if you are’t keen on taking your kids down there try Opry Mills.

Embrace the Magic of Nashville

10 year old adventure in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Consider downtown Franklin for dinner one night for a more quiet and intimate restaurant. Keep your eyes peeled because loads of famous people live in Nashville and Franklin and live very chill lives there. Nashville is also becoming a hot spot for corporate conferences so if your spouse or best friend has “work” there, consider tagging along!

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