Adventuring with Your Teenagers

A Successful Family Adventure No matter how far you venture from home, there are a few tactics to ensure you have successful family adventures with your teenagers. This list of 7 tips for success follows after a bunch of trial and error, a few missteps and several victories. As always, we hope this helps yourContinue reading “Adventuring with Your Teenagers”

Charleston & Surrounding Beaches

Well known for the exceptional charm and incredible foodie scene, Charleston SC and her beaches have been a token destination for couples, girlfriends, and families alike. The Southern character oozes from the colorful homes, lush gardens with ornate gates, and towering church steeples. The Holy City welcomes visitors from all over the world who ambleContinue reading “Charleston & Surrounding Beaches”

Family Sailing Adventure in BVI

Dream Trip: Family Sailing Adventure It’s no surprise that our family likes to adventure and try new things. Our oldest, Rowan, has really taken to building his sailing skills. He first learned basic skills through Boy Scouts summer camp and we have looked for a variety of ways to give him further opportunities. A bigContinue reading “Family Sailing Adventure in BVI”

Family Trip to Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love

Go family adventure takes on the city of Philadelphia with a family trip to the city of brotherly love. On one of our trips to Washington DC, we decided to add on some time and took the train to Philadelphia. In John’s previous job, he spent more of his life in Philly than he didContinue reading “Family Trip to Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love”

The 10 Year Old Adventure

The Inspiration Many years ago I read a book called Love Does by Bob Goff where he talks about how his family found a way to celebrate each child individually. John and I were both so challenged by how we would communicate to each of our children how special they are. In the book theContinue reading “The 10 Year Old Adventure”

Adventuring with Teenagers

Adventuring with teenagers can seem confounding, but it’s actually quite simple-just go with it. Oh the horror stories people have told us about trying to keep teenagers interested in hanging out with their families! And don’t get me wrong, it takes effort and doesn’t come naturally. This is still a work in progress and I’mContinue reading “Adventuring with Teenagers”

Adventures Near

Do you have childhood memories of specific days or events with your family? I do! There is one specific memory from middle school when my parents took my sister and I to downtown Chicago for an overnight stay. We grew up about 25 miles from the city in the suburbs and had been downtown aContinue reading “Adventures Near”


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