The Go Family Adventure Story

The beginning of our story

Go Family Adventure in Miami

The Go Family Adventure story started in 2012 while I was thumbing through our family calendar while looking ahead at a particular event upcoming. We wanted to block out dates to make sure nothing else got scheduled. Sounds typical, right. Well that was our wake-up call. I looked at John and said, “we only have 10 more years with all 5 of us under the same roof.” Gulp. I actually began to sweat and maybe even tear up a little as I realized our oldest would graduate from high school in 2022. It was a great moment for us because as I blocked out those dates, I simultaneously began to plan our first ever family of 5 adventure.

Where to begin

Adventures near and far

Admittedly I had no idea where to begin. I quickly became overwhelmed to choose the perfect place. Then I was overwhelmed by the cost. Thus began my determined research attack strategy, and before you know it I had come across a great flight deal to Boston. Plans got underway and we were so excited. Am I right in assuming you may feel stuck in the same place we were? John and I traveled before the children came along and we loved to take a few days of uncompromised time together. But, when the children grew older, it became more and more obvious that we were missing out on building up our family memory bank.

Sharing our Experiences through Our Story

We have learned a few lessons along the way and have taken some really fun adventures, both near and far that we would like to share with you. Ultimately we have shifted our focus away from the things of this world to experiencing this world. Our genuine hope is that we can inspire, motivate, and guide your family to join in the adventures. Adventures happen near and far and we have so many tips, tricks, and itineraries to share with you. If you are a family looking to venture out more, follow along with us as we Go Family Adventure!

Inspiring adventures together

The Go Family Adventure Story For Inspiration

The Go Family Adventure story is here to inspire you and your family to take adventures of your own. We don’t do everything “right” and we definitely don’t do everything you should be doing. The key is to find your own family culture and take the adventures that give life to your family. Our story is unique and your story is unique. Our purpose in this space to give you guidance and encouragement to plan epic adventure both near and far. Take another minute and read all about us.

Family Adventures in Washington DC

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