Connect with Your Teens Through Travel

Match Your Dreams to Reality

I can help your family match your vacation/adventure dreams to a real life trip filled with lifelong memories. I find creative ways to maximize your time and your money so you can have an adventure with your teenagers they will never forget!

Explore More

Try new things together as a family based around your teen’s interests.

Discover New Places

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. You can have an adventure half way around the world or right in your own state! Check out our tips and tricks to traveling with teens.

I Offer Consultation Services to Help you Plan a Great Adventure

I plan according to your time off, your budget, and your teen’s interests. I come alongside you to maximize it all so your trip is fully customized so you can connect with your teens through travel.

What People Say

“Jen gives super helpful detailed travel plans along with time and money saving tips. Would definitely recommend her expertise!”

Sharmin, SC

“Jen’s expertise on family travel and adventures gave me so much confidence as I booked our trip to Yellowstone and Big Sky country. She knows what a family needs, how much a family can take depending on the age of the children, and how to help navigate the logistics of multi-site travel. Jen’s desire to see families get out and see new places and experience new things together is at the root of this passion.” ~ Erin, SC